Freeing Up Energy by Letting Go

The relationship between energy and releasing

Yet, how many of us have closets, basements or offices that are crammed with books, files, paper, clothes, old furniture or unused “stuff”? I used to work at a Benedictine college in Minnesota. The sisters there practiced enoughness. They approached material things from the framework of what is enough, not what more I need. Their approach had a strong impact on me, and for over 20 years, I have been practicing enoughness. I regularly give things away that I don’t use or need.

The harmful effects of clinging to conventional habits and ideas

As human beings, we don’t just hold on to things. We also hold on to old ways of thinking and acting. At some point, these conventional ideas no longer fit the organizational world we are living in. Nature would release these practices as soon as they no longer serve the larger purpose of creating conditions conducive to life. Humans tend to hold on to conventional thinking even when it is hurting them or the people in their organizations.



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Dr. Kathleen Allen

Dr. Kathleen Allen


Dr. Allen has written and presented widely on topics related to leadership, human development, and organizational development.