The Importance of Relationships to the Bottom Line

What nature teaches us about relationships

Looking through a lens of relationship or separation

Valuing the contributions of relationships to create change

  • We would focus on relationship competence as well as job-specific competence in staff.
  • We would add a relationship component to our performance reviews to assess our employees, managers and leaders’ abilities to initiate, build and restore trusting relationships with each other.
  • We would see transparency in our decision making and actions as an essential way to increase trust in our relationships.
  • We would redesign processes and expectations to reflect the value and critical contribution that our relationships bring to our organization.
  • We wouldn’t lie to each other because we would understand how it diminishes the quality of relationships over time.
  • We would hire people who have a proven ability to honor relationships and integrate this into their daily work.
  • We would develop measures (just like budgets) that provide feedback to the organization on the quality of relationships within teams, departments, partnerships and the organization.



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